Tabăra de icoane Sfânta Ana

St. Anne icon camp for children

St. Anne icon camp for childrenSt. Ana’s icon camp for children, educational program during the summer vacation

St. Ana Church priest Catalin Maier , Professor Calin Bogătean and collaborators Prof. Maria Kulcsar Parvu and Roxana Bogătean

Organizers: Saint Ana Orthodox Parish, Mureș County Center for Culture and Artistic Education, Saint Cyril of Jerusalem Catechetical Cultural Center


The parish „Sfânta Ana” in Târgu Mureş, in partnership with the County Center for Traditional Culture and Artistic Education Mureş (CJCTEA) and the Catechetical Cultural Center „Saint Cyril of Jerusalem”, is currently running an icon camp for children.

The Parish „Sfânta Ana” from Târgu Mureş in partnership with the County Center for Traditional Culture and Artistic Education Mureş and the Catechetical Cultural Center „Saint Cyril of Jerusalem” is holding an icon camp for children during this week, July 20-26.

The activity started on July 20, at the „Saint Cyril of Jerusalem” Catechetical Center of the „Saint Ana” Parish, and is coordinated by Prof. Călin Bogătean and Father Cătălin Maier, coordinator of the Cultural-Catechetical Center.

This center is a meeting place for young people, where they can express themselves and be listened to, a space where they can spend their free time in a pleasant and constructive way.

The catechetical center is hosted by the parish office located in the courtyard of the „Sfânta Ana” Church.

Within it, in addition to the catechetical meetings, the viewing of films and documentaries, musical auditions and pilgrimages, the young people who participate in the meetings can themselves propose and organize cultural and religious activities and events.

Camp of icons from Sighisoara

Also, between August 17-23, the Mureş County Center for Traditional Culture and Artistic Education (CJCTEA) organizes the 9th edition of the icon camp „Contemporary icon from Ardeal” at the „Saint Dimitrie the Great Martyr” Monastery in Sighisoara „.

The theme of this edition is „Saints defenders of Christianity in painting”, and the working technique will be tempera, acrylic, painting on wood and glass.

„During the entire duration of this camp, applied artistic activities of iconographic creation will be organized which will take place in the large refectory of the monastery according to a schedule established by days.

Here the artists will watch specialized images and materials and will learn under the guidance of the methodist through practical didactic demonstrations the methods and techniques of correctly making a traditional icon on wood”, according to director Iuliu Praja, from the CJCTEA.

Getting your kids to an art camp is a fantastic way to nurture their creativity and provide them with a fun and educational experience. Enhancing their time at camp by surprising them with classic childrens clothes can help them feel comfortable and confident while engaging in various artistic activities. This thoughtful gesture can further enhance their enjoyment and allow them to fully embrace the artistic environment.


„These methods help artists to become aware of the importance of the creative act, to identify and develop the essential notions in traditional iconographic creation for a better and correct understanding of the inherited traditional icon.

The artists will paint in the tempera technique with egg emulsion on a wooden and glass support different saints from the universal iconographic art as well as Romanian saints, thus each one will stand out individually in the style of work, line and color.

This camp is intended to be a crowning of the activity in the classroom, a transition from the workshop study within the school to the monastic one”, Iuliu Praja also pointed out.

The completed works will constitute the exhibition material framework for the itinerant exhibitions scheduled as soon as the camp ends.

Students of the iconography class from the Popular Arts School in Tîrgu-Mureş and icon artists from Mureş county will participate in the camp.

St. Anne icon camp for children
St. Anne icon camp for children

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